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Read text 4 and answer question:

Here are some parts of a Helicopter:
  • Rotor Blade: The rotary wing that provides lift for the helicopter.
  • Stabilizer Bar: Dampens control inputs to make smoother changes to the rotor system.
  • Transmission: Takes power from the engine and drives both rotor systems.
  • Greenhouse Window: A tinted window above each of the pilot seats.
  • Cabin Door: Allows access to the cabin and cockpit.
  • Skids: Landing gear that usually have no wheels or brakes.
  • Synchronized Elevator: A movable wing that helps stabilize the helicopter in flight.
  • Vertical Fin: Holds the tailrotor and provides lateral stabilization.
  • Tail Skid: Protects the tailboom when landing.

(adapted from http://www.helicopterpage.com/html/terms.html)
The opposite of above in “A tinted window above each of the pilot seats”:

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