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            A former head of German counter-intelligence recently confided: "The best piece of intelligence is the one that only I possess." That spymaster's emphasis on exclusivity and withholding information even from his friends is, alas, the watchword among intelligence chiefs worldwide. And it threatens to undermine efforts to globalize the hunt for terrorists and their bad works.

            Timely and credible intelligence - often the merest scrap - can be as decisive in foiling1 terrorist plotting as any police action, cruise missile, or bomb. That's why the American Congress and the White House are focused on improving information sharing between the CIA and FBI. But the debate has so far overlooked another chronic intelligence failure: the inadequacy of the CIA's liaison with other intelligence services.

            One reason for urgent reform is that even though the United States far outstrips other countries in its technical intelligence gathering, many other nations often have better human intelligence, or humint - real live spies.

1foil - to prevent (someone or something) from being successful.

Robert Gerald Livingston. Internet: <http://www.ndol.org/ndol_ci.cfm?kaid= 450004&subid=900020&contentid=250680> (with adaptations).

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The USA surpasses other countries in terms of technical intelligence collection.

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