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            The pre-Iraq war and pre-9/11 performance of some secret services is subject to harsh criticism and, in some countries, various investigations. Governments are accused to have taken essential decisions based upon dubious information. The different agencies are blamed for inter- and intra-agency rivalry blocking the efficiency of any early warning system. In addition, they are heavily criticized for delivering the message their political masters wanted to hear.

            We do not want to blame anybody. But we believe that it is necessary to rethink the whole business of secret services.

            Without knowing the details that obviously led to serious deficiencies, there are several fundamental problems with the work of secret services in open, democratic societies. In democracies, there is often a basic mistrust towards intelligence gathering. It seems to be a dirty job. Democracy asks for openness and transparency. People in democracies do not like the work in a shadow. Scientists and journalists refrain in general from cooperation with secret services. They are afraid to destroy their access to foreign countries and colleagues. Recruitment of qualified young people has become difficult.

Dieter Farwick. Internet: <http://www.world securitynetwork. com/showArticle3.cfm?article_id=9226> (with adaptations).

From the text above, it can be deduced that

qualified young people have never been interested in becoming a secret agent.

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